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Natural Healing takes us back to our roots (sometimes literally!) and to nature’s pharmacopeia. We walk the land, identifying plants as medicine. Then we pick, dig up and process what we have identified.  We make tinctures, essences, lotions and potions and we learn patience while we wait for them to imbue their spirits into our medicine.  We respect the eco system, never taking more than we need and we honor the land by planting. I have to say, the first time I processed tinctures, it was the most religious experience I have ever had.  I still don’t know what came over me, but I realized that I was doing what thousands of women had done before me.  I was making medicine. I was and am a medicine woman!  I was recognizing the healing powers of the bounty of the earth and was so humbled that I wept.  Join us in the harvest.  You might be surprised what it brings up for you!

Check our calendar for upcoming classes.

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