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Drum and rattle making courses are taught on a limited basis through out the year.  Make no mistake, these classes are spiritual happenings. As the creative process awakens within us, we experience drum and rattle making for what it was always meant to be, an homage to mother earth and the super natural wisdom that we carry inside.  The drum beat takes us into the very chambers of our hearts and deep into the bowels of the earth.  The rattle awakens the spiritual need within us and cries out to our creator.  With subtle rhythms, we announce, we are here. We are ready. We have heard our calling and we accept the challenge.  We honor every part of the drum. From the cedar of the frame to the hides and decorations, we hold creation on high.  We honor ourselves as creator and honor those who will hear the sounds of our instruments as prayers.  Join us, won’t you and awaken to creator within yourself! Join us May 18, 2024 for class.  Secure your spot by contacting us!  

Check our calendar for upcoming classes.

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