Upcoming Events

 Welcome to Red Feather!


Tune in on Tuesdays: A weekly discussion group on a variety of topics to spark conversation, introduce new healing and spiritual concepts and practice living in the present moment!  All are welcome.  $10 Please See our FaceBook Page for further Information on Sessions.  

August 3: Making Sacred Smudge

August 10: Plant Medicine

August 17: Natural Art: sculpting with natural materials and intention

August 24: Palm Reading With John

August 31: Intro to Mandala makin

On Going Activities

Second Wednesday of the Month! Soul Collage Reading: This is a make and take class!  We will make a soul collage card and then read it with the group.  Soul Collage is a wonderful way to get to know yourself through images and words. 6-9 PM $10 June 9 


New Moon Celebrations!  We celebrate the new moon with various manifesting classes!  See individual posts on facebook to see what activity we will be doing.  We always honor the moon and the feminine energies of creation at these events!  You also get a small reminder of what you are to manifest, such as a bracelet, a crystal, or something of your own creation! Variable times and cost!

Full Moon Celebrations!  Welcoming in the full moon is always important to us at Red Feather!  Often we are outside, drumming, releasing, basking in the light of the moon!  We sing, dance, sometimes howl and always have meaningful conversations!  In the colder months or in inclement weather, we find ways to honor Luna indoors!  Join us! Usually 6-9PM $10. 

Last Wednesday of the Month:  Journaling Your Heart Out.  We will use sensory stimulous within the context of writing!  It will be interesting to bring your senses to the page.  We will work on descriptions, emotions, memories in this class.  Bring your favorite pen and if you have a journal that you are using, feel free to bring that too!  Other wise, we will provide spiral bound notebooks for your writing pleasure!  6-9 PM $30.  

Other Activities

August 8:  New Moon Affirmations!  Join us as we meditate in the energies of the new moon and set our affirmations for the month ahead. 1:30 - 3:00 PM, $10. This class is followed by Painting on the new moon as well. We use art to convey our intentions through color, shape, and symbols.  3-6 PM, $30 Come to one or both!  


August 14: Making Tinctures, essences and Communing with Plants!  Walk the land, learn about plants, then see what draws you in!  We will make a tincture, and essence, learn the difference between the two and honor the plants!  8-11 AM $40

August 15: Fairy houses! This is a great activity for the entire family!  Join us as we transform found objects into fairy houses, suitable for the garden and elsewhere.  It is so much fun to create in miniature! Wear comfortable clothes that can stand to get glue or paint on them! Creating with the fairies can sometimes be messy!!! 10-12PM $20 


August 29: Archetypes and Soul Collage:  Join us for this 3 part class!  We will be making soul collage cards that correspond to your archeypical natal chart.  If you have gone through and archetype course at Red Feather, this is the next step!  The card making process allows you to consult the energy of your archetypes in a unique way.  If you are interested in this but haven't taken the archetype course, contact me and we will talk!  This is a total course commitment of $249 and includes all materials.  Class will be heald from 9-3 PM, August 29, September 12 and September 26.   


Call for Private energy work or spiritual counseling sessions with Sara. She tailors sessions to meet your needs, empowering you to heal.  You will feel more balanced, rejuvenated and aware! $60 per one hour session. 

Red Feather Healing Intensive: 12 month personal empowerment and transformation program begins in January!