Upcoming Events

 Welcome to Red Feather!


Tune in on Tuesdays is a weekly discussion group on a variety of topics to spark conversation, introduce new healing and spiritual concepts and to help us practice living in the present moment!  Classes offer a variety of experiences and are a nominal fee of $10.  They always start at 6 PM and generally go until 8PM.  Please See our Facebook Page for further Information on Sessions and to reserve your seat. 

August 30: Exploring Plant energies

September 6: Exploring the "Inner Self"  Meditative journey through the enrgy field

September 13: The Power of the Breath: holotropic breathwork 

September 20: Our Spiritual Nature

Second Wednesday of the Month! Soul Collage Reading: This is a make and take class!  We will make a soul collage card and then read it with the group.  Soul Collage is a wonderful way to get to know yourself through images and words. 6-9 PM $10  

New Moon Celebrations!  We celebrate the new moon with various manifesting classes!  See individual posts on facebook to see what activity we will be doing.  We always honor the moon and the feminine energies of creation at these events!  You also get a small reminder of what you are to manifest, such as a bracelet, a crystal, or something of your own creation! Variable times and cost!

Full Moon Celebrations!  Welcoming in the full moon is always important to us at Red Feather!  Often we are outside, drumming, releasing, basking in the light of the moon!  We sing, dance, sometimes howl and always have meaningful conversations!  In the colder months or in inclement weather, we find ways to honor Luna indoors!  Join us! Usually 6-9PM $10. 

Other Activities

August 27:  New Moon Sigils from 3-5 ($20)  

September 21: Continuation of our Grief Series: Grief is not something that ends.  It is something that we carry with us, often as a reminder of love and sometimes as a lesson that we must learn.  Knowing that we grieve deeply when we feel deeply opens us up for transforming that grief into something bearable.  Knowing the depth of our grief can help us transmute it, to see the good in it and to help us move forward on our paths.  Join us monthly as we explore how grief affects us and how we heal.   6-8 PM $15​

A new session of the Red Feather Healing Intensive will start September 18th!  See the separate page for details!  This is an exciting opportunity for personal transformation work.  Are you ready to join us? 

Call for Private energy work or spiritual counseling sessions with Sara. She tailors sessions to meet your needs, empowering you to heal.  You will feel more balanced, rejuvenated and aware! $60 per one hour session.