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Upcoming Events

 Welcome to Red Feather!


Tune in on Tuesdays is a weekly discussion group on a variety of topics to spark conversation, introduce new healing and spiritual concepts and to help us practice living in the present moment!  Classes offer a variety of experiences and are a nominal fee of $12.  They always start at 6 PM and generally go until 8PM.  Please See our Facebook Page for further Information on Sessions and to reserve your seat. 

The schedule follows:


October 3:       Essential Oils to Build Immunity

October 10:     Scrying with crystals

October 17:     Lotions from foraged herbs

October 24:     Make & Take Witches Balls- we will create with natural materials, balls to be hung by your door or window to catch evil spirits.

October 31:     Happy Halloween!  We will be meeting on 11/1 to honor the day of the dead!  See below for details

November 7:   Harvesting the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

November14: Deep Meditation and Channeling

November 21: Feeding your Soul Throughout the holidays

November 28: No Tune In; wreath making will take place 11/29

December 5:    Making Christmas Tea

December 12:  New Moon; deep Meditation

December 18:  Personal Affirmations for the New Year

December 26:  Full moon drum circle or sound healing


Check website for further information:

On going Activities:

 New Moon Celebrations!  We celebrate the new moon with various manifesting classes!  We always honor the moon and the feminine energies of creation at these events!  You also get a small reminder of what you are to manifest, this year, it will be a soul collage card so at the end of the year, you will have your own New Moon Oracle card decks!  The cost is $20 for each class. 6/18/23 6-8 PM


Full Moon Celebrations!  Welcoming in the full moon is always important to us at Red Feather!  Often we are outside, drumming, releasing, basking in the light of the moon!  We sing, dance, sometimes howl and always have meaningful conversations!  In the colder months or in inclement weather, we find ways to honor Luna indoors!  Join us! Usually 6-8PM $15   Stay Tuned for Programming depending on weather! 



Upcoming Activities

Light Body Activation:  Saturday October 7: 1-6 PM Energy medicine technique introducing the individual to 5th dimension and higher energies. Learn the history and application of Light body.  $50

Reiki I:  Sunday October 8: 1-6 PM Learn the basics of Usui Rhyoho Reiki and recieve an attunement.  $99

Introduction to Red Feather Healing: This workshop is for those of you who are interested in learning more about Red Feather Healing.  It is a full day intensive, with information and exercises that will mirror the work that we do in our year long class.  You will experience a variety of healing techniques; meditation, somatic releases, inner critic work, archetypes, mind/body correlations, group facilitation and the like. The day will be jammed packed with opportunities and is designed to give you a sampling of what going deeper can bring.November 12:   9AM-5PM. $95.  Please bring your own lunch/snacks.  Tea and Coffee are available. 

Call for Private energy work or spiritual counseling sessions with Sara. She tailors sessions to meet your needs, empowering you to heal.  You will feel more balanced, rejuvenated and aware! $75 per one hour session. 

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