Upcoming Events

 Welcome to Red Feather! We are looking forward to a year of healing! There are a few things that we would like you to know right off the bat:

Due to the Pandemic, we are using precaustions.  We are social distancing, asking that you wear masks as you come into the building and are making sure that we are seated at least 6 feet away from each other.  We have added air purifiers and will hold classes outside when we are able to.  We are wiping things down after classes and between visits and smudging ( the results are as good as spraying with disinfectant and it is less toxic)....the list goes on.  We want to be respectful and safe and keep you safe.  Please be sure to adhere to the guidelines.  We will also continue with some on line classes.  Now that we have started some, they do not seem as daunting as they once did!  As we all continue to navigate what is happening world wide, may good health, presence of mind, much love and peace be with you during these "interesting times!"


Tune in on Tuesdays: A weekly discussion group on a variety of topics to spark conversation, introduce new healing and spiritual concepts and practice living in the present moment!  All are welcome.  $10 Please See our FaceBook Page for further Information on Sessions.  

April's Focus:  Sacred Practices

April 6    What are Sacred Practices

April 13  Building Crystal Grids

April 20  Sacred Geometry

April 27  Mudras & Mantras

On Going Activities

Second Wednesday of the Month! Soul Collage Reading: This is a make and take class!  We will make a soul collage card and then read it with the group.  Soul Collage is a wonderful way to get to know yourself through images and words. 6-9 PM $10


New Moon Celebrations!  We celebrate the new moon with various manifesting classes!  See individual posts on facebook to see what activity we will be doing.  We always honor the moon and the feminine energies of creation at these events!  You also get a small reminder of what you are to manifest, such as a bracelet, a crystal, or something of your own creation! Variable times and cost!

Full Moon Celebrations!  Welcoming in the full moon is always important to us at Red Feather!  Often we are outside, drumming, releasing, basking in the light of the moon!  We sing, dance, sometimes howl and always have meaningful conversations!  In the colder months or in inclement weather, we find ways to honor Luna indoors!  Join us! Usually 6-9PM $10.

        April 26:  Stay Tuned for Programming depending on weather! 

Other Activities

April 24:  Vision Board Check in!  For those of you who worked with Vision boards for 2021, this is the first of the check ins that we spoke about!  We are moving into the last month of the first quarter of the year and would like to touch base on our progress.  We will work with issues that may be blocking your progress and will take time to refine both wording and imaging of your goals.  Join us for lively discussion!  12-4PM $40

April 28: Journaling Your Heart Out.  We will use sensory stimulous within the context of writing!  It will be interesting to bring your senses to the page.  We will work on descriptions, emotions, memories in this class.  Bring your favorite pen and if you have a journal that you are using, feel free to bring that too!  Other wise, we will provide spiral bound notebooks for your writing pleasure!  6-9 PM $30.  

 POST PONED (but not forgotten! tentatively scheduled for May 1!)  Reiki Master Class: Reiki 1 & 2 are necessary to attend this class.  If you have not taken these classes at Red Feather Retreat, but would like to participate, please contact me.  You will receive attunement, learn advanced practices and discuss what comes next.  There will be table time and practice available!

Call for Private energy work or spiritual counseling sessions with Sara. She tailors sessions to meet your needs, empowering you to heal.  You will feel more balanced, rejuvenated and aware! $60 per one hour session. 

Red Feather Healing Intensive: 12 month personal empowerment and transformation program begins in January! 

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