Happy New Year!  Bear with us as we Plan & Post!

 We are beginning to plan for the year at Red Feather! There are a few things that we would like you to know right off the bat:

Due to the Pandemic, we are using precaustions.  We are social distancing, asking that you wear masks as you come into the building and are making sure that we are eated at least 6 feet away fromeach other.  We have added air purifiers and will hold classes outside when we are able to.  We are wiping things down after classes and between visits and smudging ( the results are as good as spraying with disinfectant and it is less toxic)....the list goes on.  We want to be respectful and safe and keep you safe.  Please be sure to adhere to the guidelines.  We will also continue with some on line classes.  Now that we have started some, they do not seem as daunting as they once did!  As we all continue to navigate what is happening world wide,   may good health, presence of mind, much love and peace be with you during these "interesting times!"


Tune in on Tuesdays: A weekly discussion group on a variety of topics to spark conversation, introduce new healing and spiritual concepts and practice living in the present moment!  All are welcome.  Please See our FaceBook Page for further Information on Sessions.  

September 15 Making Talking Sticks; learn the background of talking sticks and make your own from natural materials

January's Theme:  Intention

January 12: Core Values

January 19: 

January 26

On Going Activities


Full Moon Drumming: Check these dates on a monthly basis! Join us as we drum, chant, heal.  This will be held outdoors, weather permitting, so please dress appropriately!  We will have a bonfire!  6-8 PM $10


First Wednesdy of the month:  Energy Share: This class has taken on a different look since Covid!  We are still socially distant, use distance healing techniques or practice self- healing techniques together!  Come give it a try!   No experience necessary.  6-8PM $20



Second Wednesday of the month:  Soul Collage Card Reading:  Soul collage is a tangible way to better know yourself as you explore integrating images into artwork and read into signs and symbols to gain personal understanding. You will make one card to take with you and engage in readings!  6-8 PM $10.


Join us for manifesting on the new moon!  Always a powerful night, we will work with a variety of crystals and other materials to create a crucible to hold our intentions!  Join us! 6-9PM. $15.

Other Activities

Experiential Teachings of the medicine wheel:  join us on the hill to experience the medicine wheel.  We will meet at the cabin for an overview, then walk the wheel, observe what happens around us, meditate and discuss what comes up.  Fabric for prayer ties, rocks for intention and notebooks will be provided.  1-6 PM  $40.  We will have a bon fire afterward if you would like to stay. 

Drum making class:  Join us for drum making!  See the separate page on this website for further details!  1-6 PM with a follow up on 10/23 for finishing details!  6-9PM $150 to$170 (depending on drum size) 


Exploring and Creating Healing Mandalas: Join us as we learn about the history and uses of mandalas.  We will create our own, both from paper and designs as well as with found objects, to make a 3 D mandala to infuse with healing energy. All supplies provided.  Come prepared to relax, heal and create!1-5 PM $50  

 POST PONED (but not forgotten! tentatively schedules for August 8!)  Reiki Master Class: Reiki 1 & 2 are necessary to attend this class.  If you have not taken these classes at Red Feather Retreat, but would like to participate, please contact me.  You will receive attunement, learn advanced practices and discuss what comes next.  There will be table time and practice available!

Call for Private energy work or spiritual counseling sessions with Sara. She tailors sessions to meet your needs, empowering you to heal.  You will feel more balanced, rejuvenated and aware! $60 per one hour session. 


Red Feather Healing Intensive: 12 month personal empowerment and transformation program begins in January! 

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