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 March 2020 & Moving Forward with the Corona Virus 

Welcome to our site!  As the Corona Virus sweeps the United States, we will be using our on-line and virtual resources to provide classes, discussion forums, and "gatherings".  Since this is a high touch, low tech kind of business, the challenge for me will be to set it up, so please bear with me as I muddle through!  I will do my best to keep everyone informed via the website and facebook.  May good health, presence of mind, much love and peace be with you during these "interesting times!"


Tune in on Tuesdays: A weekly discussion group on a variety of topics to spark conversation, introduce new healing and spiritual concepts and practice living in the present moment!  All are welcome.

March 24: Manifesting on the new moon!  Try this out and see if you wouldn't like to join us for every new moon celebration!!!

March 31:  Jesus as an ascended Master; a look at how "seeing" the aspects of Jesus that speak to radical healing!  We will look at Jesus from a slightly different view point, consider his teachings on earth and look at his healing abilities as a human and his gifts as an ascended master.

Other Activities

Please note that while I have the description of these classes, I do not have dates for them as yet!  I will post as soon as I am able to get things up and running, but I wanted to give you some ideas about the content we will be sharing!

Journaling your heart out!  Learn about the benefits of writing for your mental and physical well being! We will look at some techniques to get you started and you will see why journaling is not necessarily the same old dear diary entries!!! This will be fun, interesting and will give you an opportunity to explore your creativity!!!.


Light Body Activation: learn about 5th, 6th, 7th dimensional energy, 12 strand DNA and how to activate it!  This energy modality is very relaxing and brings in higher states of consciousness.  Instruction on activating the light body will be provided and crystals will be available for purchase. 

 Energy Share: Get together virtually with like minded people and share your energy medicine gifts!  

Full Moon Drumming:  Join us as we drum, chant, heal. 


 Soul Collage Cards Reading:  Soul collage is a tangible way to better know yourself as you explore integrating images into artwork and read into signs and symbols to gain personal understanding. You will make one card to take with you and engage in readings! .

March 21:  Red Feather Healing Graduate Course:  This quarterly class will provide the opportunity for Red Feather Healing course graduates to reconnect and to further explore issues that have come up in our teachings.  Prerequisite is one year of Red Feather Healing!  We will begin by exploring strength in vulnerability and will look at our idealized images, our ego driven state and the ascension process. 

Archetypes!  This is a very interesting class!  Find your interpersonal archetypes, cast your natale wheel and see who it is that informs your behavior!  Based on the work of Carolyn Myss, this class is informative and transformational! We kick off the class with a full day workshop.  We spend the day learning about archetypes, intuitively casting our wheels, creating the "container" for our work, which is an art journal!  This art journal, or smash book allows us to use images, writing and collage to deepen our understanding of our archetypes.  The council of archetypes inform us by how they work within the "houses" or different aspects of our personalities. After our initial meeting, we will meet on a monthly basis to continue our work together and to discuss the houses. 

POST PONED (but not forgotten! Stay tuned for the dates!) March 29  Reiki Master Class: Reiki 1 & 2 are necessary to attend this class.  If you have not taken these classes at Red Feather Retreat, but would like to participate, please contact me.  You will receive attunement, learn advanced practices and discuss what comes next.  There will be table time and practice available!

Call for Private energy work or spiritual counseling sessions with Sara. She tailors sessions to meet your needs, empowering you to heal.  You will feel more balanced, rejuvenated and aware! $60 per one hour session.  Red Feather Healing Intensive: 12 month personal empowerment and transformation program begins in January!