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More about Saraann...

Hi there! I am Saraann Delafield, a holistic health practitioner. I specialize in empowering people to heal. On my personal path of spiritual transformation, I have learned that all healing comes from within. While I have been trained in several different energy modalities, the truth is that I have developed my own brand of healing and use the tools that I have learned to tailor sessions to meet your specific needs.  


Healing occurs at many different levels and stages. Sometimes a simple class will do and other times, it may be a series of private sessions. When you come to see me, my goal is always to reflect your inner healing power! I provide feedback, information and support so that you can see the magnificence you carry within so that, you can heal from a place of strength and love!  


I hold a BA in Psychology and a Masters degree in Public Administration with a certificate in gerontology.  I have spent most of my career working in human services, Public Health and hospitals. I am an Usui Rhyoho Reiki Master Teacher, and have been trained in Therapeutic Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, Resonance Therapies , Eden Energy Medicine, Touch for Health and the like.  I have studied with Shamans, attended conferences and symposiums, am a facilitator and guide.  I integrate expressive arts, vibrational healing and group work to create the optimal healing environment.  My energy sessions engage all levels of consciousness: body, mind, and spirit to uncover longing, passion and joy to empower you to relieve disease and restore health. I am both a right and left brained thinker and have a healthy respect for both the arts and sciences!

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