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Workshops for the whole family allow us to bring in age appropriate teaching for children of all ages.  Story telling, “playing” in nature, cultivating gardens, building bird houses, planting trees, gives families the opportunities to work together, to be outdoors, to share stories, and to teach (and learn about) ancient wisdom.  Sharing plant medicine classes with kids is the best! Seeing a child’s face as they taste the sweetness of clover, quell a sting with bee balm and weave sweet grass into a bundle is priceless.  I have no doubt that the children who come to Red Feather have a leg up on being good global citizens.  I also have no doubt that they are the ones that get picked first for teams (because they learn to respect the earth and all of her creatures), do really well in science ( because they observe migration patterns) and math (because they have to count the days between classes so they know when to come back!) Families who participate in our programs have a strong sense of who they are, both as individuals and as a unit and that makes for strong teams!  Join us!

Check our calendar for upcoming classes.

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