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Expressive arts are deep, messy and bring up all that is within you and casts it out as chaotic creation!  It is all about getting paint on your hands, pulling things from the earth to sculpt into being and recreating your emotions in a profound and visceral way.  No artistic ability is necessary to do expressive arts.  It draws on your natural instincts to create and when you create from the heart, there are no rules to follow, no right way to do things, no certain way that things must look.  Creations are full of emotion and tell the personal stories of their creators. They give us power to take back.  Power to understand and power to tell our truths, whatever they may be.  Whether it is a soul collage, smash book, earthen sculpture or painting, they speak of the energy put into them and magnify the presence of their creators!

Check our calendar for upcoming classes.

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